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VTL Leek places a screw-auger installation through the roof!

For the transport of potato starch, VTL has installed a screw-auger installation Ø220 in a factory. The VTL screw auger could only be installed by creating a whole in the roof and was assembled on site by the VTL technicians. Thanks to precision and truss work from our technicians this has led to a satisfied customer and a great working result.

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VTL Leek delivers a nice piece of craftmanship

By cooperating with one of our most important dealers we have recently shown a nice piece of craftsmanship in Belgium. VTL supplied 3 new cattle feed silos, the complete feed transport sytems to the weigher including th weigher. Besides that, the complete auger device, for feeding in the barn was supplied by VTL.

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VTL Leek delivers a complete silo filling auger outside of Europe again!

VTL Leek has produced and supplied a complete silo filling installation with augers from its standard range. The complete system for filling silo’s is shipped to a customer outside Europe and is installed by the specialists of the VTL Leek dealer. Especially for this project all materials are sent as a kit and on plastic pallets, of course with VTL manual.

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VTL shows one of it’s big bigger biggest projects again!

VTL Leek has produced several custom-made auger installations with a diameter bigger than 400 mm. Through our experienced engineers and project managers, we are able to determine how the installation will be built in detail. Combined with the lay-out drawing of our customer, a 100% fit is made sure.

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VTL Leek supplies high quality polyester silo and VTL Augerinstallation in Wyns

VTL has supplied a Polyester silo and VTL auger installation for milking parlor in Wyns. For a 2x 16stands milking parlor in Wyns. The supplier of the milking system sold the complete project and wanted to be sure of the beste auger equipment. Therefor, VTL has been approached to supply the complete feeding system including the silo for storage of the feed.

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