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The majority of VTL Leek products are manufactured from A to Z in house. By managing the entire engineering process to the finished product we are often asked by our clients to consider special products. The possibilities ate VTL Leek are, in principle, endless where the products to be made have a light construction, tubing and metal or stainless steel sheeting. Examples of products, which we have made for clients alongside our standard products are:

  • Stainless steel drinking troughs filled with floats
  • Stainless steel mixing units for mixing paint
  • Internal transport trolleys with wooden panels, coated
  • A series of garden fireplaces from steel sheeting, fully welded
  • Support from IPE sections, fully boltable for a shed
  • Stainless steel sinks with connections for a pump and drain
  • “Step ladders” for chickens in an aviary stall

A sample of the possibilities of the further creativity of VTL Leek. We are pleased to be able to show our clients more.