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VTL Leek is working in Marocco

For one of our dealers VTL Leek has installed a filling installation again for 2 silos in Marocco. By working as partners together ,VTL could do the job by sending a lead mechanic to advising the local mechanics how to work. In this installation, the customer chose for a spacious filling unit in which the feed can be dumped. From the filling unit a left-right auger is filled. By this system two silos can be filled by using one VTL auger-unit without the usage of valves. Capacity of filling is approx. 30 tons/hr. By supplying a complete support that can be built up at location, the VTL filling installation won’t influence the silo weighing in case of placing silos on loadcells.

In many countries a mechanical filling system is used instead of filling with pneumatic filling system. The VTL Filling installation for silos hereby is a great solution.

The placed filling unit has a filling capacity far over 20 tons/hour.