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VTL Leek places a screw-auger installation through the roof!

For the transport of potato starch, VTL has installed a screw-auger installation Ø220 in a factory. The VTL screw auger could only be installed by creating a whole in the roof and was assembled on site by the VTL technicians. Thanks to precision and truss work from our technicians this has led to a satisfied customer and a great working result.

In addition to transporting potato starch, the VTL screw auger installation can also transport a variety of other raw materials. In addition, the auger installation is suitable for transporting raw materials to a feed kitchen, scale, mixer, hammer mill, concentrate box, milking robot, feed hopper, cable feeding system, parlor, feed mixer and much more. Interested for more information about all VTL systems and the advantage of a VTL system for your specific situation? Please feel free to contact us!