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VTL Leek supplies high quality polyester silos with a VTL Feed system to Belgium

In this project, the farmer’s wish was to be able to offer its cows two feed types in a milking robot. The milking robots are installed in 2 rows with 3 robots. As bulk storage, two 18m³ polyester silos have been chosen, fitted as standard with an ” Easy Flow System”. The green roof in conformity with the customers required colour.

From the silos with two flexible VTL spiral auger installations Ø90mm into the barn and above the milking area. Using PVC pipes, the VTL spiral augers are unloaded in a double auger boot for the following VTL augers, 2 rigid auger systems with a diameter of102mm. By working this way, a double outlet can be placed aove each robot. This way each robot can be filled by two different feeds.