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VTL Leek supplies high quality polyester silo and VTL Augerinstallation in Wyns

VTL has supplied a Polyester silo and VTL auger installation for milking parlor in Wyns. For a 2x 16stands milking parlor in Wyns. The supplier of the milking system sold the complete project and wanted to be sure of the beste auger equipment. Therefor, VTL has been approached to supply the complete feeding system including the silo for storage of the feed.

The milking parlor had to be provided with 1 feeding auger. For he storage of the feed, VTL has chosen for a 25m³ polyester silo, standardly equipped with an “Easy Flow System”. Colour of the roof white in conformity with the customers specs. From the silo a flexible VTL spiral auger Ø90mm has been mounted above a second buffer unit, to create an extra buffer of feed. By using this unit it is possible to feed the milking parlor separately or simultaneously on both sides of the 2x 16 stands. The augers above the milking parlor are made of the most robust rigid VTL screw auger Ø102mm.

The pictures of the installation create a decent impression of the supplied installation.